Who am I

I am someone who enjoys technology. Someone who enjoys strategy. Someone who enjoys games of various types.

I am someone who enjoys mostly electronic music. I am someone who likes to travel (which, incidentally, I often don't even realize). I am someone who cares. I am someone who helps out.

I am someone who creates and develops. Currently mostly in designing and developing web sites, thus using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but I am no stranger to C++, Java and things like OpenGL, Qt and such.


Höhere Lehranstalt für Umwelt und Wirtschaft Yspertal

1997 - 2002

Military service

2002 - 2003

University of Applied Sciences Hagenberg, Mediatechnology- and design, BSc.

2003 - 2006

University of Science and Technology Vienna, Visual Computing, MSc.

2006 - 2011

VRVis Research Center, Researcher

2010 - 2012

Wiesmüller & Gschwantner, CEO

2012 - present