New website

New website with some responsive and fluid experiments

After quite some time, I finally got around to do a new personal website design. It's nothing too exciting or fancy, but it serves as a testing ground for some Contao and fluid and responsive layout experiments. I deliberately went overboard with the fluid aspect, which also gives the website a very low Google page speed rank ;)

Also the way I use the column layouts for content could be confusing. If you go to the Spotify + Dropbox Blog entry for example, you may see 2 or 3 columns, within several row. The content would be read in this order:



But traditionally, if you take newspapers as a reference, you would read one column from top to bottom. So one could expect to read it like this:



Which would be the wrong order then. I could of course consolidate everything into only 3 columns. But then, if the content of one column is very long, you would may be have to scroll down to read it to the end and then scroll back up again to start with the next column. This would defeat the purpose of having such a fluid and responsive design a little bit, since it tries to show you as much information as possible on your screen (within your browser). Since websites are viewed mostly in a landscape aspect ratio, long vertical columns are not as convenient to read than several columns positioned horizontally.


The old website can still be accessed under

Last update: 5. Feb 2014

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